5 Trends from Miami Swim Week 2020 you'll want to try right now

Swimsuit season, #HotGirlSummer or whatever you want to call it is well underway. And Miami Swim Week 2020 just served up some fresh inspo. As we’ve come to expect, the runways of the Sunshine State brimmed with swimsuits that, while flattering, won’t help you avoid wardrobe malfunctions should a big wave come your way.
Sure, they didn’t occupy much corporeal real estate, but that’s not to say the water-resistant lingerie swimsuits weren’t cute AF. So what will we all be suiting up in next summer (or next weekend, depending on how much of your swimwear budget still remains)? Well, first of all, breathe a sigh of relief: high-leg bottoms and one-shoulder tops are going nowhere. In fact, they were so ubiquitous, we’d label them more as a “given” than a “trend.” That said, some newish trends did emerge, mostly having to do with patterns and accents. For instance, according to the Miami collections, wild animal prints, ruffles both subtle and staggering and O-ring details are about to hit beach towels everywhere.